Limited to 20 NFT Nixies.


The real


The first of its kind.

Authentic Nixie Clock

The "Nifty" Nixie is a Nixie tube clock. The WIFI enabled clock comes with six real Soviet era Nixie vacuum tubes. NIXIE is short for "Numeric Indicator eXperimental No. 1". Invented in the 1950's, these vacuum tubes were used as simple numerical displays. LEDs have now replaced Nixie Tubes due to their low cost and high efficiency and as such, Nixie Tubes are now a piece of history [Simulate].

Unique Cryptographic Signature

Each physical NFT Nixie clock has an onboard crypto chip which allows for the device to prove that it is authentic by generating its own unique random signature. Alongside the 20 physical clocks, there will also be 20 non-fungible tokens (NFT). One NFT will represent One NFT Nixie. By matching the physical NFT Nixie's unique random signature to a public key found in the associated NFT's metadata, you can validate the hardware's authenticity. The only way to generate a matching signature is to physically have access to 1 of the 20 physical clocks. [Info]

Redemption Mechanism

10,000 redemption NFTs will be available through a random minting front-end as well as purchasable individually on a NFT sales platform. In order to obtain one physical NFT Nixie and its corresponding linked NFT, you must collect a complete set of redemption NFTs. Set requirement details can be found [here]. As the redemption NFTs are used, they will be burnt in return for the physical product and corresponding linked NFT. The minting policy for the redemption NFTs lock in one year, so after the year is up, redemption is no longer possible. Redemption NFT rarity will increase as they are burnt in return for the product.